Cartilage/ Tragus Flat Disc Top Barbell W/ Faux Opal

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Description: Our new stunning Faux Opal stone barbells are elegant and stylish.
They sport a shimmering, domed Opal stone in a flat disc top setting.
The opals are available in 3 sizes and 3 divine colours that glow from within, creating a stunning play of fiery colours.
The flat top setting gives this barbell its discreet huggy style, while the mixed sizes make it easy to be versatile and have fun.
The barbells look stunning in a triple lobe or helix piercing.
Perhaps mix and match with a 5mm barbell for your Lobe, a 4mm barbell for your Helix piercing, while a 3mm barbell is perfect for a Tragus piercing.
Colours: Lt Blue/Opal 6, White/Opal 17, Purple/Opal 38.
Sizes:: 16GA(1.2mm). 6mm bar, 3mm ball, 3mm/4mm/5mm Opal disc top.
Materials: 316L Surgical Steel, synthetic lab created Opal.

Synthetic Opal (GIA: Polymer impregnated synthetic Opal) is impregnated in a laboratory in around a year and has similar properties to that of a natural Opal.
The main difference with natural Opal is that the naturally occurring process has been speed up in a laboratory.
Our synthetic Opal is a beautiful Opal with a perfect colour dynamicity, revealing the inner "play of colours" found in the most precious of natural Australian Opals.

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