Bioplast is independently judged to be biocompatible and benefits of use include minimised swelling, infections and faster healing times. According to the current state of knowledge Bioplast conforms to all world wide standards on use of body jewellery materials. Bioplast jewellery is flexible, making it ideal for industrial and facial applications - allowing movement will minimise risk of injury to any piercing. Bioplast jewellery is heat tolerant (suitable for autoclaving.) Bioplast jewellery can also be threaded by metal closures and cut to any length with a sharp blade. Unlike PTFE, Bioplast jewellery is available in many colours and shapes (Banana bars , Circular Bars , barbells , Labrets and Nose studs.)

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), also known as Teflon, is an amazing inert biomaterial with excellent biocompatibility characteristics. PTFE has amazing 'Non-Stick' properties, lymph does not stick to it. PTFE is also suitable for initial piercings and those taking a long time to heal. Perfect for work if you're not allowed to wear jewellery, or if you're going into hospital. PTFE Barbells are perfectly acceptable in the medical world for swapping with your existing jewellery for X-Rays, scans and operations. PTFE barbels are often used in navel piercings of pregnant women because of it's flexibility; they bend to allow the stomach to expand.