BioFlex Invisi Push Fit Disc Top Labret Retainer 5PC Value Pack


Description: The opaque Invisi Labret Retainer features an easy to use design, the labret sports a tiny 2.5mm push fit disc top. The 5PC Value Pack guarantees you'll always have a spare retainer on hand.
The BioFlex retainer is as close to invisible as you can get, perfect for those occasions when your need to hide your piercing.
BioFlex is flexible, will move with your body and provides a safer dental option due to less abrasion on teeth enamel and gums.
If your piercing is problematic them Bioflex is a good solution, it aids in healing time and for some people is tolerated better than metal.
Also suitable for the current trend of multiple ear/ cartilage piercings, BioFlex allows for flexibility, hence comfort during sleep, sports etc.
Size: 1.2mm(16GA), 8mm bar, 2mm disc top.
Materials: Bio flex.

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