Best friends wrisbands

Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came, and never left your side… – unknown

Out of Body welcomes you to our new Leather & Hemp Best Friend Wristbands. A matching pair of these unique wristbands are sure to make a great gift for you and your BF. They come in four varied different colored cords with a metal plate making the statement “Best Friend” over a black plate.  Get a pair in our store today!

Leather & Hemp Best Friend Wristband


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Here at OOB, we pride ourselves on having the most competitive shipping rates and affordable products. We are able to do this because we buy all of our products in bulk and this is how we manage to save you money,that way you can then spend it on buying the products that you want and not worrying about extra costs in the end. We have a wide range of shipping rates from as low as $3 for regular post and as low as $10 for over night express post all around Australia. All our postage options also come with the extra option of registered post. Where you can then track your order as it goes through the handling process, and adds insurance and peace of mind via Australia Post.

We also buy in bulk and keep our packaging costs to a minimum to add greater value for our customers.

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Jewellery during scans and surgery

If you ever have to the hospital for any kind of scan the doctors will usually ask if you have any piercings. This is because most scans or x-rays use magnets and are affected by most earrings or piercings that use materials such as stainless steel and could damage the machinery, interfere with results, ruin the x-ray or cause harm to yourself.

As for surgery, swelling is a problem that can be made worse with piercings. If your jewellery is well-fitting prior to surgery, Swelling can make it impossible to remove such items & can restrict blood flow and can become dangerous and may need to be cut off.

In the opinion of many healthcare professionals, “the reality is that some jewellery can get in the way or actually cause harm if left in place during a surgical procedure”. The risk certainly is not worth keeping any jewellery in, especially when there are ways to remove a piercing and keep the hole open until the jewellery can be put back in.

Please read this article for futher information:
Do I have to remove piercings before surgery?

By Out of Body

How to size your piercing

Piercings or body jewellery are sized in numerous ways, there are 4 know ways of sizing any piece of jewellery. First you have the gauge, this is the part of the piercing that is the thickest and mainly refers to the part that goes through the piercing hole. The gauge can range anywhere between 0.8mm all the way up to anything like 30mm.

Secondly we have the length, this is the part of the jewellery that is also refereed to as the bar or stem of the product and not the length of the full product. The length sizes can range from 4mm to about 50mm. Thirdly we have the internal diameter, this is the part of the product that is measured inside the actually piercing, this tells people how much space there is for the piercing. Last of all we have the ball diameter, this is the actually measurement of the ball size. Balls for piercing products can range from very minuscule to very large. This information can be found out using a calliper or by asking a piercing professional.

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