Silicone Information

The flexibility of silicone means that is very comfortable, easy to insert and safe to wear. To insert a silicone flesh tunnel/plug you can simply fold or squash the jewellery, insert it and let go. It will regain its shape and there is no stress on the piercing. Also, silicon due to its flexibility and softness is a much safer piercing to wear if you play impact sports, have small children or work in a high-risk environment.

Silicone jewellery is very comfortable to wear while sleeping, as it squashes down rather than pushing into your skin. And is the same while wearing helmets, headphones or tight headgear where a rigid flesh tunnel would be uncomfortable. Therefore we recommend silicone body jewellery for cyclists and skaters, emergency workers, construction workers and anyone who wears headphones every day.

Can silicon be used for new or problem piercings?
Definitely not! The softer silicone is, the stickier it is as well. As such, there have been some instances where silicon jewellery has adhered to the thin skin on the inside of a piercing. If this happens, the skin can tear off when the jewellery is shifted or removed, resulting in a badly damaged piercing. Basically, silicon does not allow your piercing to breathe as well compared to materials for example acrylic. Therefore, it is recommended that silicon is not used long term. It is also a porous material that soaks up any chemicals or disinfectants.

It is very important to take good care of and pay attention to your piercings when wearing silicone jewellery. While silicone is excellent for healed piercings, it is not recommended for stretching or for problem piercings.

Can I stretch with silicone flesh tunnels?
Stretching piercings with silicone flesh tunnels is not advised, although some individuals have had perfectly good results. Ideally a piercing should be stretched gradually, with plenty of time to heal and "breathe" in between stretching. This is not usually possible with silicone and you may experience uneven stretching, tearing or other issues. We recommend stretching with traditional materials and switching to silicone jewellery only once the piercing is completely healed.

Caring for silicone body jewellery
Silicone body jewellery is durable and easy to care for. Here are our guidelines to caring for your silicone flesh tunnels and plugs:

  • Clean with mild soap and water. Ensure that all soap is rinsed away and allow drying before wearing.
  • Clean silicone jewellery in this way before first use
  • To ease insertion and removal, lubricate jewellery with saline or skin-friendly oil e.g. olive oil, jojoba oil, hemp oil, Vitamin E oil
  • Be aware that swimming pool chemicals can discolour silicone body jewellery
  • Silicone jewellery is safe to autoclave
  • Do not chemiclave, immerse in alcohol, disinfectant, or expose silicone to any other toxic chemical as it is a porous material that soaks that can absorb them.
  • Do not stretch piercings using silicone body jewellery