Stone & Bone


Rock or semi-precious stone is also used to create beautiful body jewellery. It’s heavy, and usually won’t come in very large sizes. It’s more durable than other organic materials, but can still break if dropped or treated roughly. Despite it’s smooth surface and solid texture, stone still cannot be autoclave sterilized and needs to be cleaned with mild antibacterial soap and water. Stone jewellery is not recommended for new or unhealed piercings and should only be worn for short periods of time.


Although they consist of different substances, bone and horn body jewellery can be treated essentially the same. They are semi-hard, porous, and can be carved into different shapes for a variety of body jewellery uses. Most bone jewellery will come from cow bones, and most horn jewellery comes from buffalo, although there are always exceptions to every rule and you need to be sure what you are purchasing.

Bone and horn are relatively lightweight, come in natural shades of white to black, and can be carved into different shapes. Bone and horn are fragile and can shard when broken, so care should be taken not to allow them to be exposed to extreme pressure. They are not autoclavable, but can be carefully washed with mild antibacterial soap and a small amount of water and then treated once a month with jojoba, coconut or olive oil. They are not recommended for new or unhealed piercings, should not be worn long-term or during swimming, bathing or sleeping.